Our Product Features

Elastic cuffs for maximum freedom of movement
Detachable side seams for convenient and clean disposal
Maximum safety thanks to triple leak protection
Soft inner fleece

All products from Baby Captain meet the highest quality standards. To ensure this, both our material selection and the respective manufacturing process within the production locations are closely monitored. Independent, external special laboratories guarantee the constant quality through regular sample analyzes from the current production

Baby Captain Pants

Sheep-soft pants with the Baby Captain safe & cozy system soft, elastic cuffs for a perfect fit, full easy of movement and safe leakage protection, extremely soft inner fleece to use of special non-woven fabrics, pleasant outer film, and latex, anti-allergic and dermatological tested. Baby Captain pants are tested on the most modern production facilities made with the highest quality materials. The pants give our children complete easy of movement and absolute leak protection. The pants are particularly popular at night because they are equipped with a side protection, so our children can enjoy their sleep undisturbed. The children are used to wearing underwear because of the high level of comfort. The Baby Captain Pants are a modern product for modern children.

Easy & Safty

In Baby Captain Diapers, the quality and performance of the organic raw materials have been continuously improved since their use in the hygiene industry about 5 years ago.

Their constant optimization has a direct impact on the constant innovation of our organic diapers.

It is logical: biological raw materials are biodegradable. They have the great advantage that - even if they end up as a welcome addition of cellulose in waste incineration - they are disposed of freely.